30 июня 2011 г.

Hello, night time :)

Hell yeah this is my bloody empty
coffee mug :D anyway in russian it means понты :D
I don't know if I should love this daytime or I shouldn't. My mum&dad coming home very late and I am free till 00:00. This is...pretty scary :D One day I was watching something on my computer. Suddenly it shuted down (I mean my computer ofcourse haha). Like somebody pulled a power button!!! I saw it with my own eyes like it was pulled. And then, almost after 1 second my door was knocked, like somebody pulled it too. It was a really noizy thud. And I was really scared, especially after all those creepy pasts on lurkmore and all those wyoming incidents and mereana-mordegard-glesgorvs :DDD It sounds not so scary, but when u r staying at home till the midnight alone ALMOST EVERY DAY it IS really very scary, just trust me :D So that is the story about how I discovered some unfriendly ghosts in my house ^^
That's why I am watching all those funny TV-shows all day long till the darkness, that makes me happy, u know, haha =)
Aaand btw I've just drank a big cup of coffee. Well, it is not so big, but it accomodates two normal cups. So I drank it. I made a really strong coffee, i put there a little bit cinnamon and cocoa so I am totally energizzzed now, like a battery rabbit :D
Anywayz that makes me laugh. 

Yeah, I think that's all. Well, I wish you some nice & lucid dreams ^^
Miss - oh really r u kidding me I am really bored to write this stuff :D 
na ja, das sieht ein bisschen blöd aus, :)
I mean in my case :D
So bye xx

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  1. yeah, it's mine ^^
    my dream came true and I've bought it in Prague :)
    i've затащила our teacherzz in starbucks :D

  2. нет, не понравилось :D
    не знаю как Ныколаю Васыльовычу, а вот преподавательница права Елена Владимировна его возненавидела :D