30 июня 2011 г.

A trip.

This is my photo of the Eifel Tower
Two month ago I had a travel. I was in Kyiv, Prague, Luxembourg, Paris, Disneyland and Brno. And that was just awesome! I will never forget those funny moments everywhere - in the train, in the bus, in the streets, on the gas stations, in the gas station little shops, especially in the hotels.
That was legen - wait for it - dary!!! 
Barney Stinson
And everything was unforgettable.
I will never forget a ghost in our room in the hotel in Brno!
I will never forget Moravian Karst caves.
I will never forget a queue to the Eifel tower.
I will never forget european toilets :D
And I will never forget GERMAN AIR
I sware, I will come back in Germany. Despite the fact that I saw it only through the bus windows, I've got a lot of impressions though. The german viewes are just unforgettable. Those rivers, forests, little houses in the valleys!!! Awwww.....
We were in Germany at night. Everybody was sleeping, but I wasn't. We weren't. I have a great friend Dasha, she loves Germany very much and when the bus stopped at the gas station we ran out of it to breathe german air. I will better say in russian. Мы орали как ненормальные. Мы танцевали ПО ГЕРМАНИИ :D
И это было просто незабываемо!!!
So, we came to the german gas staion. Dasha and I were looking at the german signs on the different chocolate bars, we laughed a lot :D That was real fun. I think those german tankers will never forget us, laughing russian children. Those crazy Germany fans :D
Miss J. G. xx

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