7 июля 2011 г.

shit happens. sometimes.

I haven't wrote here for about a week. A lot of things happened in these...uhm.....perhaps 6 days and I don't know how should I write about it.
There are a couple of news, good ones and bad ones.
I'll begin from bad ones.
I was poisoned by a fish in the sea. Yeah, you've heard it right :( It was really painfully and I've felt myself not so good as I wished. I have 5...well, injections on my foot at the distance of 1 centimeter. It doesn't hurt, but it does when I touch it. I don't have any idea what kind of fish could it be.
Well, everything seems to be alright right now, I am feeeeeling goood haha
And good news.
I've bought sunglasses:)  Aviators with silver frame and purple gradient lens :) They're very cute ^^

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