11 ноября 2011 г.

this post will be in english

this post will be in english.
i have to prepare for the tomorrow english olympiade, so all i have to do today is just to talk in english. that's it.

a couple of days ago i made a really tasty hot chocolate. it was SO tasty that i still can't forget it's taste. it was really delicious.
i will write a recipe here.

so, to make 2 portions you will need:

•milk chocolate confectionary coating - 100g
•milk - 0.1L
•quarter of a cinnamon stick
•4 tea spoons of grated cocoa
•butter - 150g

i think that i've added some vanilla sugar also. but i am not really sure.

if your chocolate is not sweet you can put some sugar, the amount of sugar depends on how sweet is your tooth :)
i've made my chocolate in the cezve, so if you have one - you can do chocolate in it, because it is really comfortably. you can do it in the pan, of course, but it would be easily to make hot chocolate in the pan for more portions, 5 for example. if you will drink it alone, or with a friend - it is better to do it in the cezve.

first of all you have to pour your chocolate and butter into the cezve. than pour milk there. open a big fire first. put cinnamon and cocoa, stir. after 1 minute of cooking you have to make the fire smaller and then it has to be as small as it is possible. during all the process of cooking you have to stir your chocolate slowly. cook it until it begins to boil.

i've forgot, that people add some marshmallows or cream there, so i had a simple DELICIOUS hot chocolate.

after i wrote this post i've decided to make it again :D but i don't have any confectionary chocolate...so i'm sure i'll make it tomorrow.

i have no photos of my masterpiece, so i've sent a pic from internetz. enjoy.

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