24 апреля 2012 г.

khe khe khe

hey you, filthy bastards.
this post could be very desperate but i'm trying to control myself and also my emotions.
i hate people. people at all. misanthrope? heh, quite probable.
i just don't understand most of them. well, i can't just say "them" because i'm also a kind of human any way. any way.
i've faced with a lot of situations of an incomprehension with the adolescents, with the people of my age. it's really difficult to find a person with whom you can talk about some stuff that other teenagers would count stupid because that's just inappropriate for the common topics of the 14-15 aged kids conversation. for example, you won't meet plenty of teens that could just talk and discuss the structure of the infinity, just for example. because they'd like to count that the deal for the elder people. that's just not..ehm...the generally recognized principles of human behavior. to the general belief, teens have to think mostly about the friendship, parties, the relations with the opposite sex or, in the nicest case, about the studying and stuff like that. but for some reason the simple discussion of, likely to say, "geeky"stuff is just not so suitable fact for the kids. that is this thing that i count really stupid. i'm finished with the talking, don't have any interest and mood for it. i want finally to say that marking people and their interest in terms of age and social status is really silly kind of activity.
that's it for now, see you next time in the "notes of an necrophile"! byebye!

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