21 мая 2012 г.


the brilliance, wonderful perfectance of the spring morning.
rain, falling from the sky, is heavy enough to make an unobtrusive sound. relax, take a seat, don't forget a seatbelt
to make this morning even better you should make a cuppa coffee. no, not that horrible instant coffee, heaven forbid. you should cook it in a cezve. add some cinnamon, vanilla. pour some ice cream to make it more creamy.
your morning is still perfect.
turn on some soft and gentle piano music. erik satie is the best in this case.
then, like the final touch you have to light candles in aroma lamps.
no one can disturb you, because this morning is the best thing that had happened with you since the beginning of this fucking month.
and yeah, make sure you are alone.

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