3 июня 2018 г.

Yulya likes

- feeling passion about studying or working
- good creamy tasteful flat white
- silently sitting at home when it's windy and summery-sunny outside
- finishing difficult task
- first wear of new clothes i like
- scent of an ikea strawberry candle
- cool moments like this (в небе стремительно пролетел серебряный шарик в форме звезды, ассоциативно похожий на стратостат)
- finishing long roads to the seaside
- sharing beautiful moments with somebody who's also enjoying it
- clean feeling in the belly after not eating meat for some time
- wearing fresh clothes after good bath
- drinking-coffee-siesta with mom at every time of the day
- aphex twin's ambient tracks
- listening to "flim" in the empty underground train
- riding a bike down the lane
- tidying up and drinking hot coffee
- waking up early in the morning
- going to the shop
- finding cool solutions
- drinking water
- finally coming home (at noon)
- nights with friends (you see less and become closer)
- tart wine
- discovering cool places like т/с Богатырь
- finishing an amazing movie
- high ceilings
- monumentalism
- something more (i don't want to share it even though it's unsharable)

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